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Jaipur is the capital of princely state Rajasthan. jaipur is also known as the Pink City or Gulaabi Nagri. This is the important tourist destination of the Rajasthan. jaipur is walled city and it is famous for its bright and attractive culture that no one wants to miss ever. You can feel the fragrance of the heritage and the strong hold past from the very beautiful forts and havelis. We can learn about the heritage of the pink city which was well described by the attractive architecture. Jaipur city is founded in the 18th centuary, this city has stood as a pillar of the amazement for the every traveler who passed by it.

Jaipur is famous for the festivals and the culture which was deeply describes by the local people of here. This is the another legacy of the jaipur. during the festival time city is well decorated and you must to visit this place during the Elephant festival, camel festival, kite festival, teej festival and on the others festivals top for add the loveliness in your vacations. This is the city with three hill forts and numerous palaces with timeless beauty can be enjoyed by the tourist during each second of tour.

Jaipur is the royal city which is broadly famous among the tourists with a lively mind. There has adequate number of spots to visit in the jaipur. this will complete your journey by providing sightseeing, Cycle tours in jaipur, car rental in jaipur, bus rental in jaipur, shopping, exploration, photography etc. take the ethnic jewelries, traditional handicrafts from the popular markets of the parkota. There has many rich in heritage paintings are available, which would help to decorate your home as well as it gives memories.

If you are planning to spend vacations, Jaipur is the best destination to the heritage lovers. It will give you chance to explore the city which is deep in the heritage feel.

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